How do I change my website logo?

To change your logo on your site, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the logo file is a transparent png.
  2. Name it logo.png and save to your computer.
  3. Login to the CMS and go to Publish > Files.
  4. Search for "logo" and you'll see "logo.png" listed.
  5. Click the filename and then: Upload a New File.
  6. Select your logo file and click: Start Uploading.
  7. Click: Save to publish the logo to the website.
  8. Your logo will now appear in the header.
  9. Clear your browser cache.

If any adjustments are needed, please let us know by creating a case in the Help Center.

NOTE: Some designs also include a footer logo. You can follow the same steps if you would like to replace the footer logo on your site, except the file name you are replacing will be footer-logo.png (so the new file also needs to be named footer-logo.png).

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