How do I create a new blog for my posts?

Go to: Publish > Posts > All Blogs > Create a New Blog.

NOTE: Blogs contain blog posts but posts are not blogs. You may have an unlimited number of blogs in your website, each with an unlimited number of blog posts. But you must set up a different blog if you want to have multiple blogs living in separate parts of your website. Once a blog is set up, you are able to add a post to that blog.

Blog Title
Once published, this title will be displayed as an option within the navigation module. The title will also display above the post titles on its blog list page.


Comment Notification
Add emails of people you want the system to notify once a comment has been posted. You may also want to give these people access to the blogs module to moderate the comments under: Publish > Posts > Comments.

Comment Status
Select approved or pending. Selecting “approved” will always approve the comment automatically. Selecting “pending” will require an admin to login to the system and click into the comments to moderate the comment. It is wise to select “pending” unless you like to live on the edge, letting anyone in the world comment.

Comment Close
This will allow you to specify how many days the comment form will be available on blog posts, after the date that the post is published. You are able to keep the comments open as long as you like.

Post Date & Time
Select a date and time for the post to be published. If you select a date and time in the past, it will add the post into the blog listing and feed in chronological order. If you select a date in the future, it will not publish until that particular date and time. This will also appear as a date stamp in the blog listing.


This will not display in the public blog details, but it will be added into the code to help search engines find your content. When creating a description, use words that people might be searching for.

Blog Content
Some websites are set up to have this content display on the post list page. However, this content may confuse some people as they may think that it is an individual post, when it is only an introduction to the blog itself. It is wise to keep this “introduction” very short to avoid scrolling down to the posts.


Primary Blog
If your website displays a blog on your home page, you have the ability to select which blog you want to display by making it the primary blog of the website via this checkbox.

Header Image
Each blog has the option to add a header image that will display on the blog list page at a certain pixel size. The post header image will display in the same area as the page header image. If you do not know what the correct pixel dimensions are for the header image, please contact our support team for that information.

Publishing the blog will make it live for anyone to see. Once published it will become a navigation item option within the navigation module. The blog will also live at www.[domain].org/blog-name.

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