What is the best way to upload video?

When it comes to video, we highly recommend Vimeo (it’s free). Vimeo has terrific tools and a proven, solid video system. We can house your videos in our CMS, but to be honest, the Vimeo system is the best and we’ve built full integration with it. Using Vimeo to host all your video is advantageous for the following reasons.

  1. You can grab traffic from your Vimeo channel as well as your CPM-powered website.
  2. Vimeo has great HD video features and tools that are available for free with every account.
  3. If you need Plus-level tools, you can upgrade for less than $100 per year.
  4. Vimeo is very reliable; most ministries on our system use Vimeo with very positive feedback.
  5. Vimeo provides an embeddable HTML5 video player that is viewable on the iPad and iPhone.
  6. Vimeo will not use any of your website’s disk space or monthly bandwidth (thus saving you money).

To use their video system and place a video within a page on your site, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a FREE Vimeo account.
  2. Upload your video(s) into their system. Check out their help site if needed.
  3. Vimeo provides a URL for the video. Copy this URL to your clipboard and come back into the CMS.
  4. Go to Publish > Files > Upload a new file. Click the embed tab and type in a name for your video.
  5. Paste in the URL into the box and then click Save.
  6. For sermons, select your new video from the sidebar. If you'd like to insert the video anywhere else in your site, then use the media button in the toolbar.
  7. Optional – If you wish to have a video podcast on your website, you’ll want to upload a mov, mp4, or m4v file into the CMS (publish > file > add new file) and select that in the second video selector when creating/editing a sermon profile.

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