Disciple User Guide

Featuring wavy section breaks, bold colors, rounded buttons, and modern typography, Disciple is a fun and approachable design. This design style utilizes simple animations, sliding menus, and a unique homepage layout that will keep visitors immersed in your content as they browse your site.

The best part? It's now available in our brand-new website builder! Our new website builder has an advanced homepage editor, complete color controls, and customized font options.

The main difference between each of our designs is the homepage content and how it’s structured. With the exception of the homepage, all other pages (subpage layout, sermons page, calendar, and blog) across all of our current designs have the same functionality.


Access the new website builder (Herald) here.

Demo Videos

Image Sizes


  • Hero Image: 3400 x 1470 pixels
  • Hero Video: 1920 x 1080 pixels; keep around 15-20 seconds and around 3-4 MB
  • Top Quicklinks Images: 766 x 632 pixels
  • Bottom Quicklink Images: 1184 x 362 pixels
  • Sermon Quicklink: 3400 x 452 pixels
  • Home Link Image: 3400 x 1880 pixels

Other Pages

  • Subpage Header Image: 3400 x 1320 pixels
  • Featured Blogpost Image: 1080 x 700 pixels
Featured Event Image: 1080 x 700 pixels
Sermon Series Image: 1080 x 700 pixels


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