How to format app pages (tables, external links, text styling, etc.)

Here are some helpful hints when creating your app pages. We recommend that you also watch the embedded video below.

  • Regardless of how many columns your table has in the Herald CMS, the table will always appear as a single column of cells, ordered by Left → Right, then Top → Bottom appearance from the Herald CMS view. 
  • Images will appear the same as normal app content: centered, with a max width smaller than the screen, regardless of the actual image size. 
  • Ghost tags sometimes appear when content is added and then removed. This is normal for WYSIWYG editors and not necessarily a bug, but if there is odd spacing, look at the generated HTML in the CMS and look for unnecessary tags, particularly <p> tags.
  • Text in table cells will typically be auto-centered. If your text is not centered, ensure your <img> tags aren't wrapped in <p> tags. If you have any questions about this, just submit a ticket and we'll help out.

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