Embed your Planning Center calendar

You can easily embed your Planning Center calendar on your website. Just follow these steps:

1) Log in to your Planning Center account, click the drop-down arrow at the top left, then click Account Settings:

2) Click Church Center in the left vertical menu:

3) Scroll down, and ensure Calendar is under Features > In Navigation (and not in the Disabled section):

4) Click the green Save Changes button:

5) Click the dropdown menu at the top left, then select Calendar:

6) Now that you're on the Calendar module, you'll see your calendar. Click the Share button (with the up arrow), then Embed:

7) The embed box will show. Select your calendar style and custom filters. 

8) Click Iframe, then the blue Copy code button. This will copy the embed code to your clipboard. Note: if the iframe option gives you inconsistencies in how your calendar appears on your website, try Script.

9) Open up the Herald CMS and the page where you'd like to embed the calendar. Click Content, then HTML. Paste in the embed code from your clipboard; your screen will look something like this:

10) Click the green Update button, then the green Publish button.

11) Voila! Your embedded calendar will appear according to the settings you specified in step 7 above. Here is our sample embedded calendar.

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