Step 1) Create your Google account

1) Go to the signup page to create your Google account.

2) If you see the option to “Use another account,” click it.

3) If you don’t see it, then click Create account > For work or my business

4A) Enter your first name and last name.

4B) For the username, you’ll need to create a new email account in the format of For example, if your church is Grace Avenue Church, enter something like The part preceding the @ sign must be 30 characters or fewer.

4C) Enter a password twice.

4D) Click next.

5) On the next screen, enter your mobile phone number, recovery email address, birthday, and gender. Click next.

6) Click “send,” and Google will text you a verification code. Enter the code on the next screen. Click verify.

7) Click “more options,” then click “add my number for account security only. Click done.

8) Review the terms, and click the more options link. Make any selections you'd like (we recommend you opt out of all Google tracking, personalization, etc.). Once done, click the “I agree” button.

9) On the next screen, click “not now.” (You can always do this later).

10) On the next screen, click “turn on 2-step verification.”

11) On the next screen, click the blue “get started” button.

12) Log in to the new account you created in step 3.

13) Set up 2-factor authentication and confirm the code they send you. Click next.

14) On the next screen, click “turn on.”

15) Click the “backup codes” arrow.

16) Login again.

17) Click the “get backup codes” button.

18) Print or download your codes and keep them in a safe place. These codes will allow you to access your Google Play account if you lose your password.

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