How to link Simple's giving form to your app

Many of our customers utilize the online giving tools from Simple (previously named Simple Donation). 

Here is how to link your Simple giving form to your app powered by Church Plant Media.

1) Find your donation URL from Simple. It will contain your custom subdomain and key and will look something like this:

2) Open up your existing giving page in the CMS, click HTML, and copy all the code to your clipboard.

3) Create a new page in the CMS. This page will only be used for giving from within your app. Name it something like “Giving - App.”

4) Click HTML and paste the code from your existing giving page.

5) Remove the existing donation code from what you just pasted in. The code you need to remove will look something like this:

<script async="" src="<>"></script> <p style="text-align: center;"><button class="open-merlin">Give Now</button></p>

6) Click PREVIEW. This will load the visual editor.

7) Click in the content area, and type in something like “Tap Here To Give.”

8) Link this text to your Simple URL (from step 1). Publish the page.

9) Click “App” at the top.

10) Link to this new giving page from your app navigation and footer menu.

11) App users will now be able to easily make donations from your app.

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